Moms, I need your help!

To all you Mom's out there:

I put together a list of baby supplies that I think we need for the baby. However, I don't know if I'm missing anything or if I have things on the list that aren't necessary. So...I was hoping that you all could help me with that. I'll take all the advice I can get.
Also, specifically, what kind of bottles have you used that you think are the best? And since I'm planning on breast feeding, how many do I need to get? There are so many different kinds and designs out there so I really need some help.
This is mainly for when I register for baby stuff (once we find out the sex of the baby) and I want to make sure I'm prepared. Thank you for your help!

Cradling bouncer with vibration and music
Activity Saucer
Stroller and Car Seat combo
Pack and Play
Lightweight Umbrella Stroller
Bathing Tub

Diaper Bag
Baby Carrier
Shopping Cart Boppy Cover
Fold Up Changing Pads
Baby Monitor
Receiving Blankets

Bottle Drying Rack
Electric Breast Pump
High Chair
Burp Cloths

Crib Mattress & Bedding
Glider Chair with Stool


Always around said...

From my experience the best breast pump was the medela and the bottles that a lot of nursing moms are using right now is the playtex nurser. You've got a great list, mostly it is hit and miss, each baby is different.

Sue said...

Amber is right on the bottles and the breast pump, that's my experience too. Things to add: diapers, wipes, bottom ointment, baby wash, baby nail clippers, thermometer, infant meds., lets see...I'm sure I can come up with some more. I'll tell you when I think of something. :) Otherwise good list! You will see more stuff when you actually register. Have fun!!!

Dionna said...

What fun! Looks like you covered the basics - lots of little things you can add - teethers and such. But I think once you go to register you will discover things in the process to add to your list.

We had a swing and activity saucer for the girls but never had a jumper or boppy (In fact, I don't think the boppies were out yet!)and they were just fine. :) So some of the "toys" may not be necessary but sure are fun to have!

sharon said...

I think a new car to put the baby's car seat in would help a lot! Maybe a "mini van" A spot for the baby and the rest of the van to put all the things you will need while you are on the road. Boy those days were like yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Hey - on the names for a boy if you pick a middle name with an "A" you can call him TAB & on the girls if you pick a middle name with a "G" you can say she's KGB - I slay myself!

ps. I know NOTHING about bottles & pumps - sorry =)

Kimberly said...

Invest in a good coffee maker. You know who that's for. :)

Barry Hughes said...

I would get "The Little Green" Small hand-held type carpet cleaner! Best thing we ever got for babies!

SPARKY said...

i don't think you will "need" an umbrella stroller for at least the first couple years if at all since you will have a stroller with the car seat. the swing and jumper are expensive and not necessarily something the baby will like. i'd advise trying someone's out. ry never used his swing. IF they love it then invest in it. the rest are all good things to have. the pack and play will be imporant cause you can set it up next to the bed until you're ready to move the baby to the crib AND you'll need it since you guys travel home often. that's probably, along with carseat and stroller, the most important items to get first.
i loved my boppy. it helps arm support when you're nursing.
i RARELy used changing pads.
oh...nursing pads for you. load up!
i got along just fine with out an electric breast Pump. they are VERY expensive and overpriced. so unless someone else is going to chip in or buy it, just get the manual hand pump. mine was great and easy to take with me anywhere. BUT i did not freeze my milk. i didn't like bothering with it so that will be up to you.
High Chair you won't need till baby's at least 6-8 months and you could probably get a great very cheap at other mothers or craigslist.
sue added some great ones. butt paste is my recommendation. it will literally zap a bad rush in less than 24 hours!
infant meds. just infant tylenol and motrin.
don't need a snot sucker. you'll get the best one from the hospital. :O)
hope that helps.
have fun registering!!!!!