Happy Thanksgiving!

Steven and I are headed to Arco tonight to spend Thanksgiving with his family! I have been craving that wonderful Thanksgiving food for months. I can't wait to dive into it! And, I have cut out soda and sweets since finding out I was pregnant so I'm looking forward to splurging and eating some yummy desserts!

On Friday we are headed to Idaho Falls to do some BLACK FRIDAY shopping. I'm hoping to check off everything on our Christmas list! This will be the first year that Steven is coming with me. I'm so proud of him for getting up early for me. I love you babe!

We'll be back on Sunday night just in time for our Staff Christmas Party which I'm really looking forward to.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be filled with food, family, football, and lots of fun!

A little heartbeat...

We had our second appointment yesterday. It wasn't a real fun one. Lots of tests. BUT we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. It was so cool! It's amazing that you can hear this tiny little heart through all of that stomach! It really is a true miracle!

The baby's heartbeat was very strong and pretty fast. Our doctor is convinced the baby is a girl. Now Steven's a little more convinced. But me, well I still have a gut feeling the baby is a boy. I guess there is a fifty/fifty chance huh?! But we will be happy with whatever miracle God gives us.

We had our second ultrasound scheduled for four weeks from today but we had to change it to the second when in January. Bummer! But we had to since it wouldn't make any sense for the cost of the ultrasound to go to our deductable in 2008 when 2008 is almost over. So we opted to wait and do it in 2009. That means I have to wait seven weeks! Man oh man! How am I going to wait that long?! I think it will help if I start feeling the baby move between now and then. But if not, it will be torture to wait!

Seven more more more weeks...

Byrne Family Portratis

Brian & Ashley are friends of ours and they asked me to do their family portraits. Well, word got around and Brians parents wanted to jump in on it, as well as his brother, his sister, and his sisters boyfriend. So I did a little of everything. They were a really easy family to shoot and the fastest I've ever done and hope I get the chance to photograph them next year too. Thanks guys!

Moms, I need your help!

To all you Mom's out there:

I put together a list of baby supplies that I think we need for the baby. However, I don't know if I'm missing anything or if I have things on the list that aren't necessary. So...I was hoping that you all could help me with that. I'll take all the advice I can get.
Also, specifically, what kind of bottles have you used that you think are the best? And since I'm planning on breast feeding, how many do I need to get? There are so many different kinds and designs out there so I really need some help.
This is mainly for when I register for baby stuff (once we find out the sex of the baby) and I want to make sure I'm prepared. Thank you for your help!

Cradling bouncer with vibration and music
Activity Saucer
Stroller and Car Seat combo
Pack and Play
Lightweight Umbrella Stroller
Bathing Tub

Diaper Bag
Baby Carrier
Shopping Cart Boppy Cover
Fold Up Changing Pads
Baby Monitor
Receiving Blankets

Bottle Drying Rack
Electric Breast Pump
High Chair
Burp Cloths

Crib Mattress & Bedding
Glider Chair with Stool

Trunk or Treat 2008

Trunk or Treat was awesome this year! We had the biggest crowd, the best activities and games, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Steven and I help out every year. Steven is security and I'm the event photographer. And of course we dress up, that's part of the fun! Steven was a 'Chick Magnet' and I was 'Twister.' Here are some pictures of our full filled event...

We're Pregnant!

We're pregnant! Both Steven and I are having a hard time wrapping our minds around the idea. Even after seeing the ultrasound we are still in disbelief. I don't think it will really sink in until I start getting big or when we go in for our next ultrasound (in six and a half weeks).

So...I've been asked a lot of questions over the past week so I thought I would answer them all here too.
  • Was it planned? Yes, it was planned. We had been trying since May. I had us both convinced it was going to take us at least a year to get pregnant. I guess more for my sake so I wouldn't get my hopes up. But boy I was wrong! It only took three months!

  • How far along are you? I'm twelve weeks and five days. Almost out of my first trimester!

  • Why did you wait so long to tell people? No one knew we were trying. We wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. So when I found out on October 7 I told Steven that night and no one else. We wanted to wait until our first ultrasound for two reasons: One, to be sure we were actually pregnant. And two, to put together the video from my last post (that's how we told people). But when we had our first ultrasound appointment two weeks ago, I had it calculated that I was seven weeks along. Well, when they measured the baby they found out I was eleven weeks along! We had skipped a whole month! So we thought we would be telling people when I was eight weeks along but it turns out i was twelve!

  • Are you going to find out the gender? Yes! For years I convinced myself I wasn't going to because everyone does nowadays and I thought it would be cool if it was a surprise. But, then I actually got pregnant and I knew there was no way myself or my family could go through the whole pregnancy without buying baby clothes! So, we are finding out. In six weeks! I can't wait! Both Steven and I feel like its a boy. Which means we'll probably have a girl! :)

  • When is your due date? May 13, 2009

  • How are you feeling? I'm feeling pretty good. There were two weeks straight that I threw up every morning but lately I've been feeling pretty good. By the time 5:00 pm rolls around I'm exhausted and my back hurts but after a good nights sleep I feel great again!

  • Do you have names picked out? We do. In fact we had them picked out when we were dating. If it's a boy: we like Trey. If it's a girl: we like Kaitlyn or Kara. We're keeping the middle names a secret though!

  • Will you continue working? I'll continue working until the baby is born. Or at least until a week or two before the due date (all depends on insurance). But once the baby is born I'll be home full time. I may do some part time work from home for the church or I might actually start my photography as a business. We'll play it by ear. So...yes it means the church will be looking for a new administrative assistant. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them my way. 60% of what I do is graphic and publication design. The other 40% is normal administrative assistant duties. So we are looking for someone with Photshop experience.

If you think of me you can pray for my worries to ease. I'm finding myself constantly worrying about having a miscarriage. I know its all in God's hands but it's still very hard for me.

Thank you to all of you. You all have been so excited and supportive of us which makes this time so much more memorable in our lives! Thank you!