Trey's First Photo Session with Mommy!

Hello blogging world! Will I ever post on here regularly again?! I sure hope so! I will do my best!

We are finally settling in to life with our precious little boy. Some days are better than others. I weighed him last Tuesday and he was already 9 lbs 9 ozs! I will weigh him tomorrow and I bet he'll have gained another pound. Crazy! My little boy is becoming not so little anymore. Man that sure happens fast!

We were able to make it to church the past two weekends. That was sure nice! But wow! Who knew taking a newborn places would be so difficult?! I can't just 'run right in' anymore. I have to carefully plan my outings. And who knew my life would revolve around his feedings. That sure makes it difficult too. But we are getting the hang of things. Slowly but surely!

My goal this week is to have a little photography session for Trey. I will post those pictures as soon as I get them done. Wish me luck!