We're Home!

Well I figured I better post something since we've been home for five days now. But I'm only posting a couple pictures as I'm too tired (jetlag) to write anything quite yet and we just got really bad news about our car.

So here ya go...

We're Off!!!

At 4:00 am tomorrow morning we will be at the Boise 6:00 am we will be in the air and on our way to the 10:55 pm Saturday night we will officially be in Metro Manila, Philippines!!!

I'm a little nervous...stressed...and anixous...but more importantly I'm ready to see what God will do through us in the Philippines!

If you would like to hear how were doing on our trip just call the church at 336-7970 and dial ext 18. Keith will be calling and leaving messages every day or two.

Thank you for your prayers! See you all in two weeks!

My Sister's Time In Germany

I wanted to post what my sister wrote about Germany on her blog. It is so funny! If you want to check out her other posts and pictures, you can check her out at


Here are some silly things about Germany:
  • Dogs are better behaved here than children. People bring their dogs everywhere! In the grocery store, in department stores, in restaurants. But if you decide to leave your pooch outside...don't worry. He'll wait patiently for you by the fire hydrant...without a leash! Meanwhile, children find no problem screaming on the bus right into your ear or wiggling so hard in their stroller that they squirm their way out.

  • Eggs are not refrigerated in the grocery store. That's right, they're just sitting on a shelf.

  • You can buy beer in SubWay.

  • They HAVE SubWay the prettiest building you've ever seen.

  • You can buy 24 rolls of toilet paper for 1.50 Euro but gas is almost 8.00 Euro a gallon!

  • Cars can and WILL run over pedestrians.

  • Showing up late to something is grounds for being written out of a will.

  • They're not use to hot weather at all. On Monday it was 78 degrees by 10:00am and they sent the school children home.

  • They clap for a recital or performance for at least 5 straight minutes. I'm not exaggerating. My hands were raw when we were done.