Senior Portraits

Back in September I did a wedding and my cousin's senior portraits all in one day. I'll never do that again! Here are some pictures from my cousin, Shauna's, senior portrait session.

Not Much Going On...

  1. Steven's finger is slowly healing. Thanks to everyone who has been concerned! I'm still rewrapping it every two days but by next week he'll hopefully have his stitches out and we won't have to deal with that anymore. I may have him wear a splint or something like that so he doesn't bend it while he's working and pop the wound back open. We'll see how it looks after the stitches are out.
  2. My computer at work blew up. On Thursday the power popped off on it and it started smoking and smelling burnt. I took it in to our IT guys and it fried the mother board, so I get a new computer! Yeah! But it won't be in until tomorrow or Wednesday so in the mean time I'm floating between offices which is a lot of work surprisingly!
  3. Looking forward to watching a couple of my favorite kids tonight! And one is only a couple weeks old. I love to snuggle newborns! Yeah!
  4. Were headed to Idaho Falls & Arco again this weekend. Steven has to work on putting a Hydrogen Generator into his Dad's car. I promised myself after August and September that it would be Thanksgiving until we drove down again. But I'm looking forward to it. Especially the shopping and gabbing with my mom!

See...not much going on in our lives. I hope your Monday was fantastic and the weekend comes quickly!

Two Hours in the ER, Ten Stitches Later

So Steven went to play basketball on Sunday with the guys from church, like he always does. He wasn't there more than fifteen minutes when I get a call from him saying he had hurt himself and they were headed to the ER.

So here is what happened: He was trying to get the ball away from his friend Brian...Steven swung his hand around and jammed his left index finger into Brian's elbow. He hyper-extended his finger and it popped the backside of his finger open. Steven said it didn't hurt, but he looked down and saw blood. He thought maybe he had scratched Brian or something but pretty soon he realized it was his blood (probably from the fact that it didn't stop bleeding). He looked down at his finger and saw the INSIDE of his finger. He showed Brian (Brian's a doctor) and Brian thought he could stitch it up right there so he ran to get a suture kit in his car. Another guy came over and looked at it and yelled to Brian, 'I can see the bone!' So Brian thought instead, to take Steven to the hospital.

So I met them there and got all checked in. Thankfully Brian works at St. Lukes so he knew all the good doctors and nurses and got us well taken care of. It was pretty funny, Steven had to explain how his injury happened about 30 times. No one would believe him. He had to explain it at least twice to each person. He even had to get a tetanus shot in case he actually cut his finger on something. Then he had to get an x-ray, thankfully no broken bones, just a bad sprain. And then they had to come and irrigate it out and make sure all the tendons were working properly. It was a real blessing that they were. They said that most of these injuries snap or cut the tendons, which requires hand surgery. But everything looked good so the doctor stitched him up with ten stitches and sent us on our way.

And Brian totally rocks! We don't have to go back to the ER like they wanted us to to check on it and get the stitches removed because Brian's gonna do that for us. That'll save a bunch of money! Thanks Brian!

Steven did really well through the whole ordeal. He has a very high pain tolerance and tells me that it just feels like he jammed his finger. But oh man, not me! I get so sick in hospitals, so bad that I about passout. I have to sit way far away from everything and I for sure couldn't look at his finger. Totally grosses me out! I have always been really bad in hospitals. So now his hand is all wrapped up and he can't bend his finger for two weeks. Which totally sucks because he works with his hands all day so its been pretty slow going.

So here are some pictures of the whole ordeal. The first two are with my camera on my phone. The other one is from this morning when I was changing his dressing, so the swelling has gone down a lot on his finger. You should have seen it before. It was HUGE! And a WARNING to all those with weak stomachs, there is a picture in there of his stitches that's nasty.

I've been Tagged!

I was tagged by the lovely Jen. So here are 6 items you may have not known about myself.

  1. My Grandma loved ketchup. In fact she loved it so much that she used to put it on her ice-cream...I know! Well the other thing she used to do is pile a plate full of fritos and a mound of ketchup on a plate. She would then dip the fritos in the ketchup and eat them. Just like salsa! Well I tried it when I was little (being a ketchup lover myself) and loved it. So I started doing it too. I haven't done it in a real long time, but the more and more I talk about it, the more and more I want a bag of fritos and a bottle of ketchup again!
  2. I hate getting the dried-up toothpaste 'gunk' around the cap on my toothpaste tube. So when I load my toothbrush with a dab of toothpaste I swipe my finger across the cap eliminating any 'excess' toothpaste and then stick my finger in mouth. This does the trick and I never have to deal with that nasty gunk!
  3. I know it may be weird to some of you ladies out there but I am more attached/emotional with Steven and I's 'dating' anniversary than our wedding anniversary. I guess its because we were together 3 and 1/2 years before we got married and we knew we were going to marry each other a couple months into our relationship. So it is more important to me the day we actually started dating compared to the day we became husband and wife. It may change in the future. But right now that's how it is.
  4. I think pregnant women are one of God's most beautiful creations! There is something about the miracle of life growing inside a tummy that amazes me. I can't wait until that day comes for me!
  5. I don't ever remember believing in Santa Claus. It wasn't because my parents didn't let us believe (my sister believed in him for years). It could have something to do with having an older brother, maybe he told me early on. Or maybe its because I was so smart and logical as a kid that I just didn't play in to all the hype. :) Who knows!
  6. You won't hardly ever catch me on my computer at home. I'm on the computer ALL DAY at work and I can barely stand the sight of one when I get home. The only time I'm ever on is when I have to edit pictures. Other than that, I steer clear!

So now you know a little more about me. I tag...Amber, Kimberly, and Jessica.

Happy 26th Birthday Steven!

Happy Birthday babe! You are a godly man, a wonderful husband, a great friend, a strong leader and so much more. I feel so privelaged to be married to you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I can't wait to share in many more with you! -Alisha

So not ready for winter...

I usually love the fall. I love all the colors, I love the cooler weather, I love the decorations, I love the food, I usually love everything about it. However, this year it is just seeming to make me depressed.

I'm not ready for the cold, freezing temperatures! I'm not ready to have my car freezing in the mornings and have to scrape the windows. I'm not ready to wear pants all the time. I'm not ready to quite going for bike rides with my husband. I'm not ready for bad roads (which means bad drivers). I'm not ready for the trees to be dead and the grass look so ugly. I'm not ready to spend a fortune on Christmas. I'm not ready to count the days until spring again.

I'm just not ready...