My Sweet, Sweet Husband...

Friday night I got home from work and was hanging out waiting for Steven to get home from hanging out with a friend. When he got home he came over to me and was hiding something in his coat. He pulled it was season 2 of 'Friends'! Yeah! (My best friend and I have been trading off collecting all the Friends seasons. It all started when she got me season 9 for my birthday. She had never watched any episodes before so after I finished the season I gave it to her and she watched them. She got hooked! So then she bought season 10 and then I bought season 8, and so on and so forth. We've been trading off and been having a blast sharing 'our show' together. We only have seasons 3, 4, and 5 left to buy!) I was so excited because we just finished season 6 and we were both bummed we had no new shows to watch. What a sweetie! He knows just what I like!

I thought it was over, that was nice enough right?! Well he then reached in his coat pocket again and handed me a brochure. It was for a photography class and the money to go towards it! How cool is that?! I'm so excited! There are so many to choose from and I can't wait to start! And since he works on Saturdays and I usually have NOTHING to do, what a perfect opportunity! I teared up. How thoughtful of him!

Well I was a little confused because we really don't have the money for anything like that right now. It was CAR WARS a couple weeks ago which means he worked A LOT! Well usually on any normal Saturday his bosses do what are called 'Spiffs.' This is when you as a car salesman get say $20 for setting up an appointment with a potential customer to talk about buying a car. They don't actually have to purchase the car, you just have to meet with them about it. And the more appointments you make, the more $20 bills you make! Well I asked him if they got any 'Spiffs' during CAR WARS. He said no, which I thought was odd because it was their biggest event. But I didn't think much of it. Well it turns out that they did get $10 Spiffs and he was hiding it from me so he could surprise me with those gifts. Isn't he just the best?!

Thanks so much honey for my very thoughtful gifts for no reason. I love you so much!

My Family and Friends on Easter

We had a great Easter! My Mom and Dad came in to town and my Mom made a wonderful Easter Lunch. We had our two good friends, Justin and Kristen over, and we had Steven's Mom so there were NINE of us total! Yikes! I don't even have that many plates (Thank you to whoever invented strong paper plates)! And we don't have enough room around the table or enough chairs. Thankfully I work at a place that is full of tables and chairs. Thanks Sharon for letting us borrow some! All in all it was awesome to get together, eat great food, enjoy each others company, and celebrate our risen Lord!

Ouch Charlie!

You and Me

I just realized I don't have many pictures of my husband and I. I'm going to need to change that. Maybe I'll coax my sister into taking some pictures for us. I'll have to teach her how to use my camera but it should work out. And then I'll take some of her and her man to make up for it! Yeah! Sounds like a great deal to me!


It was Western Night at Awana on Wednesday. I love our themed nights! I think really, most people love to dress up but are scared to. But that kid at heart wants to come out and play sometime! I love to dress up!

My Time Back East

When I first saw my brother and Nicole in the airport!

When I first saw my sister-in-law and Nicole in the airport!

Right after my Mom saw her granddaughter for the first time!

The shops on River Street where we spent most of our time.

These boats were everywhere, we wanted to take a tour on one of them but they were expensive! They are pretty to look at!

There were all these cool street vendors and musicians along River Street. This guy was so cool to listen to. Nice jazz music. I love the south!!!

My brother getting his fortune from an old lady in a box.

Chris's fortune. I didn't read it. So I can't tell you if it came true or not. Bummer.

Look Mom! A dragonfly on my nose!

I wanna be a cowgirl baby!

We be priates! Arrrrrr!

Notice my 'parrot' face and my mom's 'pirate' face. Man. We should be actresses.

I love this picture of my Mom and me. If only she wasn't wearing the baby pack thing.

I don't know how anyone can keep those things on their head. They were huge!

Isn't she precious!

My Mom rocking out to Guitar Hero 3!

This was the first time I had played Guitar Hero and it was actually really fun. I can see how people could get addicted to it!

We visited the base where my brother will be stationed. He is an Army Ranger Air Borne Medic. Or something like that.

I miss her so much!

Fishy Kiss!

It doesn't look it, but it was so bright outside!

You could take tours of that lighthouse! They were open every day but Tuesday. Guess which day we went? Tuesday.

So cute!

I bought Nicole that 'I love Daddy' onesie. It's so cute. And on the butt it says 'And Daddy loves me!' Adorable!

One More Picture...

I forgot to post this picture. It's of Carly and Nicole. I love it!