It's Priceless When...

...I'm nursing Trey and he pulls off and gives me a big ol' grin with milk on the corner of his mouth. little man is down for the night so me and my big man curl up in bed and watch a movie.

...the US Olympians are kicking butt at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

...we get a present unexpectantly and I get to enjoy a date with my hubby this weekend of a dinner and movie. son goes down for his afternoon nap and I get to relax on the couch watching my favorite shows on the internet.

...It's my friend/neighbor's turn to cook dinner (meals swaps) and I don't have to lift a finger! dad comes to town on business and takes time out of his busy schedule to love on his grandson.

...Trey cracks himself up and giggles for no apparent reason. sister and brother in law live so close that we miss each other when we don't see each other for a few days and schedule a night together.

...we have a night together, home, no agenda, enjoying each other.

What's Been Going On...

Wow! Has it really almost been a month since I posted? I thought I was doing so well. Shame on me!

This weather we have been having has been fantastic! It's making me antsy for spring/summer to get here. I can't wait to take Trey to parks, go on walks, and play with our neighbors outside! PLUS my parents are getting Trey a 'Little Tikes' playground for his 1st birthday so that will be TONS of fun! But let’s not talk about his FIRST birthday...

Since quitting to stay home with Trey and Steven starting our business, times have been tight. But I am continuously amazed at how God is providing. He has provided lots of little jobs for me to do such as photography, graphic and publication design, and some other things for the church. It has truly been a blessing! Not to mention those in our lives that always make sure we have what we need like our parents, my dear friend and neighbor, and friends from the church. God truly is watching out for us and reassuring us that me staying home with Trey is the right thing to do. I know I wouldn't trade any minute of it, not even if we had to live off Ramen Noodles!

Here's Trey playing with my pots and pans. I was cooking and left the drawer open for a minute and he pulled all of that stuff out by himself! At first I wasn't liking it, but then I realized it was keeping him occupied and it wasn't hurting anything, so who cares!

We took Trey to Monkey Business. We had never been and wanted to check it out. Steven took him down this massive slide. Isn't Trey's face hilarious?! I think he'll really like that place when he's a little older.

After the Dave Ramsey message series we did at Bridgepoint, Steven and I tried to find anything and everything we could sell to build a savings account. Sadly that included my piano. My grandma and parents bought this piano for me when I was like 7. I took lessons for nine years. I was never any good. I don't have a talent for it. I can sit down and play pretty much anything but not too well. I just never played my piano and we needed the money more. So with a heavy heart I sold it. The Lord provided exactly what we asked for it and it went to a great home, a little old lady who had such a love and passion for playing the piano. So the day they were coming to pick it up I sat down and played...and so did Trey. He really liked it. I wrote down the serial number, thinking maybe someday if I wanted it back, I may be able to track it down. Who knows!

My mom came and visited for a weekend. I always love when my parents come. They love Trey so much and spoil him (and us) rotten.

Trey LOVES to eat! He prefers veggies to fruit. But he really likes anything he can pick up and eat himself. This particular day we were eating chicken. He made a MESS!

He also LOVES the water! Especially his baths! My parents were awesome enough to buy him swimming lessons. So we go once a week. The instructor is mighty impressed by him. She says she’s not so sure if its a good thing or a bad thing he has no fear of the water!

And then of course the SUPERBOWL! I loved dressing him in his football jersey! We had some friends come over, we ate really good food, and we all had a great time.

So that pretty much sums up what we have been doing the last month. Trey turns 9 months old tomorrow, so I'll be taking and posting that photo session soon!

Rouding the Corner to 1 Year Old!

Lately, it has really hit me how old my baby is getting. He is 8 months old! That means in four short months he is gong to be ONE YEAR OLD! What?! How did that happen? He is not a baby anymore. It's amazing how fast time goes. When I was pregnant, I remember thinking that it was taking FOREVER for him to get here. Time was going so slow. But now, time races by without me knowing. Before I know it he's going to be graduating. Ho hum.

I have also been thinking a lot about parenting lately. It seems like such a daunting task. There is so much I want to teach him, and I'm afraid I'll miss something. Even simple things like language. I'm afraid that I won't teach him soon enough or good enough. I want to give him that edge where when he starts school he'll be ahead of everyone else. I'm afraid that I'm not smart enough or organized enough or whatever to give him the best there is. I'm sure it doesn't help that my three year old next door neighbor is a GENIUS and has been that way since he was Trey's age! I know most kids aren't like that, but I wouldn't it be awesome if Trey was? I know that it has a lot to do with the child. I believe he is extremly gifted. But I also know it has a lot to do with parenting. His parents work with him constantly. Always introducing him to new things and making learning fun. I really hope I can provide that for my kids.
Anyway...on a not so serious note, here are some pictures I took of Trey in his cute Sunday outfit!

In Progress

Okay, so as you can see I redid my blog template. It was time for a new look. I searched and serached for a new template I would like and just didn't find anything I really liked. So I settled for this one, but I'm still not thrilled.
So bear with me, I have a lot more I need to change.

Family Day!

Yesterday Steven took the WHOLE day off! It was fabulous! He is supposed to take Sunday & Monday off but he almost always works Mondays. And Sundays just don't feel like a day off what with church taking up half the day. So I was super excited when he told me he wasn't working on Monday. So we packed up and headed to Givens Hot Springs.

Steven and I had been there about a year or so ago and we weren't hugely impressed. The day we went the water was really hot and the dressing rooms were filthy with ants, cobwebs and spiders all over the place. But this time was SOOO much better. I had called ahead to see what the temperature of the water was to make sure it wasn't going to be too hot for Trey. It was at a perfect 100 degrees. Just like warm bath water. And the dressing rooms were way cleaner with no bugs of any kind.
We had so much fun! If you haven't been there, I would recommend checking it out. It's a big indoor pool that goes from 1 foot to 10 feet. It has a basketball hoop with tons of balls and its hardly ever busy (although we've never been there on a Saturday). It was pricy for us, $7.00 for an adult. But well worth it. And not too far away, it took us 45 minutes to get there and we live in West Boise.
They were so nice and let us use this really cool float tube for Trey. It was perfect for him! I had never seen one like it. All I've seen are the old school plastic intertube looking ones. This one was like a big mesh raft that he could play with his toys on (see picture below). I loved it! He loved it! In fact, I loved it so much that I found one on eBay and bought it today!
Anyway...after we swam we came home and watched a movie, had dinner super early (5:30 pm as opposed to 7:00 pm because that's when Steven gets home) which was so nice, and then watched 'Chuck' later that night. It was a really fun family day. We don't get them very often, so I'm treasuring it!


I wanted to see if Trey looked like Steven when he was a baby so I had my Mother-in-law bring over some pictures of Steven as a baby. What do you think?