New Pictures of Nicole

I had to post some more pictuers of my beautiful niece!

This is my favorite picture of her!

Yup! That's right! She's holding her own bottle!

Nicole in her Sunday bonnet!

Nicole and her Mommy, Carly!

4 to Spend Eternity in Heaven

I lead a small group at Broadway's 10:30 am service. I absolutely love it! The kids are great, the worship is fun and I look forward to the relationships I get to build each week.

Well this week was extra, extra special! A girl in my class brought FIVE friends to church with her. (Thank you Lord for sleepovers!) Well one girl asked 'How do we know there really is a God?' and after I got done explaining that the rest of the visitors started asking questions. 'Is God a 'he' or a 'she'? 'What does God look like?' 'When did God come into existence?' 'How could God always be there, He had to have appeared somehow.' 'How was the first human being made?' 'What about evolution or the big bang theory?'

Ummmm, WOW! How can 4th and 5th graders be asking such deep questions? I began to see where this was going so we all went and sat in the corner and talked.

And then came the BIG stuff...'If someone believes in God but does lots of bad stuff, do they go to hell?' 'If someone is a pedophile (I'm not joking, they actually knew what that was) and accepts Jesus in their heart but still continues to do all that bad stuff will they still go to heaven?' 'Once saved, always saved?'

After answering these questions to the best of my ability it left an amazing opening into the gospel message. Four out of the Five visitors accepted Jesus into their heart!!!!! How awesome is that?!

I'm planning on following up with each one and getting them a Bible sometime this week. You can be praying for me about that.

Wow! What an exhilarating rush! God is so good!

I'm an Aunt!

I would like to welcome to the world NICOLE MARIE HUTCISON. She was born Friday, January 18th and weighed in at 7lbs 10oz and 18in long!

Congratulations BIG BROTHER! You will make a remarkable Daddy!
I've known about this baby coming along since June but it really didn't hit home until I saw the first picture (thank goodness for camera phones!). I miss her so much and I haven't even met her. I'm dying to hold her and kiss her chubby little cheeks. I wasn't planning on making a trip to Georgia to see Mommy and Baby because there is no way to come up with $450! But THANK YOU LORD for providing me with some photography opportunities!! With two weddings I'll be able to pay for half of the ticket. So my Mom and I will be taking the trip in March. I can't wait!
To my sister-in-law, Carly, thank you for being such a good Mommy already! And thank you for being strong and going through the last stages of pregnancy and birth without Chris. I can't imagine how hard it must be for both of you to be apart during this time. And I can't wait until my brother gets to see his daughter for the first time! leave you with some pictures. Nicole has the classic 'Hutchison' cheeks that all three of us siblings all inherited. (Remember these were taken via camera phone, so not great quality, but amazingly good enough. I'll post real pictures as soon as I get them.)

Chubby Bunny Nicole

Nicole's First Outfit

Ready to go Home!

Nicole's First Car Ride

Plumley Photo Shoot

I've been meaning to post pictures that I took of the Plumley family forever. So I'm finally getting around to it...