Can I rest next week?

  • We have been to Idaho Falls four weekends out of five.
  • We are headed to Ketchum to camp with my family this weekend.
  • We had a blast spending time with my brother, Chris, and his wife Carly. But even more fun snuggling with their baby girl, Nicole. I love being an aunt!
  • I am so behind in editing pictures. I have a wedding to do, a senior portrait session, our family session, and a few pictures of my niece. I'm waiting because all I have at home is Photoshop Elements and I'm upgrading to Photoshop CS2. I've been searching on Ebay none stop trying to find a good deal but haven't found a good enough deal yet.
  • Work has been insane getting ready for the Missions Conference as well as lots of meetings with the Pastoral Team.
  • We haven't had a free night to ourselves in I don't know how long. It's been filled with family, babysitting, Awana, Home Teams and what nots. I'm so ready for some veg time with my hubby.
  • Went to the doctor this week. I may have something wrong with my thyroid. I'm not worried. Just want to know either way.
  • I'm so ready to be a mom. When is it ever going to happen for me?
  • I have had so much drama with friends lately that I think I'm going to puke. The sad thing is that over half of the problems have been from unfaithful partners. Wow, how it reminds me how we live in such a sin cursed world and how ugly we are without the Lord.
  • If I pop another tire (I've had three out of the four pop within a month of each other) or something else goes wrong with our vehicles I'm going to drive them off a cliff.
  • Threw a pirate birthday party for my sister last week. It was a blast! I love the dollar store!
  • My neighbor Sue is due with their second any day now. They are having a girl and I'm so excited! I love their boy Bryce and I can't wait to meet Ella.

I promise I'll post pictures soon. Hopefully next week. After I breath...

Tristyn and her Dirty Hands

I watched Tristyn, Aleana's baby girl, one evening while Mom and Grandma cleaned the church and enjoyed dinner with friends.

Aleana put her in the cutest outfit ever, so how could I resist snapping a few shots? She absolutely loved Steven's boat which is parked in the backyard and she thought it was so funny to get her hands all dirty. She is a total cutie!

Busy as a Bee

I apologize for not keeping up with my blog. It has been an absolute ZOO around work and home. And tonight we are headed to Idaho Falls for me to photograph a wedding and then the following weekend I'm the maid of honor in a wedding AND my brother, his wife and baby are coming down for a week to visit before he deploys as an Army Ranger so I'll be with them for the following two weekends. So as you can see its not slowing down any time soon.
And at work its just crazy. I have a million items on my 'To Do' list and I swear everyday it keeps growing. But that's okay. I would rather be busy than not. It makes the time go by soooo much faster.

I'll post pictures and chat as soon as I can! Thanks for being patient!