Broadway's 2008 Christmas Program


Double Wow.


Our church's Christmas Program, Simply Christmas, was absolutely amazing! Since I was the photographer I was able to sit through it three times and it never got boring. From the kids’ awesome dance moves, to the bands amazing rendition of 'Christmas Sarajevo' a Tran Siberian Orchestra song, to the dramas, to the very cool, very soulful songs that the choir performed, everything was incredible!

There were so many people who put hours and hours into creating the program, practicing, and executing three amazing shows. You all did such an amazing job and I thank you so much for all your hard work and sacrifice.

Steven and I were talking after, and I was saying how every year they manage to 'best' their last Christmas Program. But this years program was so amazing I just don't know how they'll be able to beat it for next year. Steven says they don't have to, they've reached such a level of perfection they just have to keep it at the same level. I agree but my hunch is they will still 'best' themselves in next years program.

Now for some pictures...I had a very difficult time this year taking decent pictures. There wasn't as much light on stage as years past and I don't use flash so it really proved a challenge for me. But I at least got some decent ones.


Angela said...

It was so amazing! It was everything from fun and funny to touching and emotional. I just loved it and it really put Christmas back to what it should be.
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put it togther! It was truly a blessing.

Our Ministry said...

Good post Alisha. I stole a couple of pictures for my blog. Hope that was okay.

Jen said...

i think you got some great pictures! it was so much fun to be a part of. i can't wait till next year.