2008 Staff Retreat

Our staff always looks forward to our time in August when we all head up to McCall for three days of relaxing.

This was the first year Steven and I got to stay the entire time and this year was my favorite. With all the 'crap' that has been going on in our lives lately it was so nice to spend a few days with friends and not worry about the expenses.
Our days consisted of sleeping in, swimming in the lake, jet skiing, wake boarding (okay, I couldn't ever get up, but I tried!), knee boarding, and reading. Our nights were filled with yummy food (thanks Sharon!), watching the Olympics, chatting, playing Mario Cart on the Wii and a trip to 'IceCream Alley.'

Thank you to Eric & Cindi for opening up your beautiful cabins for us once again. It was just what Steven and I needed.

Beverly Family Reunion 2008

We were so happy that we got to go to Redfish (Stanley, ID) for the family reunion this year. And we got to stay for a whole weekend! Even more exciting!

It was colder than usual up there. It rained and hailed on Friday and Saturday but Sunday was a perfect day. We had lots of wonderful food (thanks Aunt Jeanie) and even took a dip in the glacier lake (can you say FREEZING). It was great to catch up with all of Steven's family and even better to relax. We really needed it with all the stress in our life lately.

So here are some pictures from the weekend.

Beautiful Redfish Lake & McCall, Idaho

After work today we head up to Redfish Lake. It's Steven's annual family reunion. We didn't think we were going to get to go this year but Steven's dad is helping us out so we do get to go. Yeah!

Its always nice to see his family and relax. His aunt is an amazing cook so we both eat way too much! But its half not our fault. She keeps bringing you more and more food even if you tell her no. So finally you have to practically get mad at her so she'll stop. Oh, I love it!

And then we'll leave Redfish on Sunday afternoon and drive up to McCall for my annual staff retreat. And once again, more good food! Sharon is cooking for us this year. I was telling Steven how excited I was to eat Sharon's cooking for three days. I love it! And of course we are renting jet skis and the boys are going golfing. It's going to be awesome!

(Old pictures of our staff retreat two years ago)

So that's where the Beverly's will be until next Wednesday afternoon. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!