Our Weekend:

Friday night we went on a little 'date.' It was so nice to spend some time with my hubby! Pastor Jeff gave me a gift certificate to P.F. Chang’s for Administrative Professional’s Day so we went there for dinner. Everything was amazing as usual!

We had bought tickets to see Indiana Jones earlier that day but the movie didn’t start until 10:00 pm so after dinner we had two hours to kill! Well, half way through dinner Steven made the comment that our date was in celebration of our 4th wedding anniversary since it lands the day before we leave for the Philippines and we won’t be able to do anything. So, after dinner while I was wondering what to do to kill two hours, he grabbed me by the hand and said he had an idea.

He took me up to Tablerock (up near the cross). See, this is significant because this is where he asked me to marry him. But ‘our spot’ isn’t by the cross with the bench where EVERYONE goes. It’s a ways over from that. Which is a good thing because the cross area was really busy that night. So we sat and talked and watched the sun set. It was so nice!

Then we went and watched Indiana Jones! Both he and I love that series! Okay, who wouldn’t!? It was a good movie. Definitely worth watching. Now, there are some unbelievable moments (there are in every movie) but one in particular was just ridiculous! Swinging on trees with monkeys to catch up to everyone else, when he could have just ran. It was just dumb. And the actual storyline was too ‘alien’ for our taste. But all in all it was a really good movie. So our 4th wedding anniversary date was awesome!

Then Saturday night we found out that Steven didn’t have to work on Monday. We haven’t been able to go away in such a long time since he works every Saturday now. So, we decided real quick to make the journey to McCall Sunday night. I’m so glad we did! We relaxed, watched cable (okay, the discovery channel, history channel and the food channel). Swam for a couple hours. Slept in together (haven’t done that in forever)! Ate at the Trolley House (not impressed by their pizza), and the pancake house (yummy)! And went fishing a little bit. Everything was so green and beautiful!

The weekend was just what we needed to refresh, relax, and get ready for a crazy schedule for the next month!

The pictures below are at the Pancake House in McCall. They have a bunch of these cutouts, it was fun!

She's Flown the Coop!

Well it's official, my baby sister, Michelle, is on her way to Germany! I dropped her off this morning. She'll be gone for 6 weeks. That may not seem like a long time to the rest of you, but it sure is to me! I'm so used to going out to lunch with her or spending time on Saturday's together, or seeing her and her boyfriend at Home Teams. It will be hard without her...but I'm totally excited for her!

She will be flying into San Francisco, then from there she'll be flying to London, and then Berlin. And then she'll take a train to her final destination, Liechnburg (I have no idea if that's right). She will be rooming with a local college guy. Yes! A guy! She had no control over that, and in Europe they don't think twice about rooming them with a member of the opposite sex. So that will make it very interesting. She'll be taking three classes, all German. I didn't realize how fluent she was in the German language until she had a whole conversation with someone at a party who was from Germany. She amazes me!

She is going to learn lots and get to see lots. I'm so excited for her and can't wait to see lots of pictures and hear all the details! I love you Michelle! Have Fun!!!

Philippines Update

Well, we are 21 days from our short term missions trip to the Philippines. I went on Impact Asia's (the ministry in the Philippines we are helping) website this afternoon and I am pumped!

I wanted to share these stats and pictures with you...

In 2007 there were:

-37,936 kids who attended Impact Asia's Camps!
-13,185 of those kids received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!
-3,578 were baptized!
-669 Signed up for their Bible College

Here are some pictures...

Senior Portrait Session with JD

Here are a few pictures from photographing JD for his Senior Portraits (Okay, not a few. A lot. But it's hard to pick just a couple)...

Random Happenings

Nothing too major going on. So I thought I would blog about the random thoughts in my head...

We don't have cable and have been fighting with those stupid rabbit ears for years now. We finally broke down an bought a roof antenna. Why didn't we do this sooner? It was only $95 for the whole package and our channels come in crystal clear! We even get channel 2 now!

Two days after we get back from the Philippines, my brother, his wife, and my niece are coming to visit. YEAH!!!!!! I couldn't be happier! They are coming in late Saturday night to Idaho Falls. So Steven and I were going to drive down Saturday after he gets off work at 8:00 pm and spend Sunday with them and then drive back Sunday night. This short trip due due to taking all of our vacation days for our missions trip. Bummer. But then my Mom called me this morning to say that there is a possibility that they will be flying in to Boise Friday night and I'll be driving them to Idaho Falls the next day. So that's good! Two days! But then that means that Steven will only get to see them Friday night. Ho hum...

My sister leaves in two weeks to study abroad in Germany! She'll be gone for six weeks! I am so excited for her and nervous for her all at the same time. I am also very proud. She is super smart and she can speak and understand German amazingly well! I will miss her!

My Home Team is having a big BBQ next Thursday. I'm so excited! And it's supposed to be 80 degrees that day. Whoa Hoo! We're having lots of great food and we're bringing footballs, frisbee's, vollyeballs, and lots of other fun outside games. It should be a great way to say goodbye to my sister and her boyfriend for the summer.

Awana is all done. I had a blast this year but I am so ready for the summer break. Usually I’m not this excited to take a break, but man, this year was just exhausting! And usually every summer I still help with the Wednesday night children’s program. But I’m not going to this year. I almost feel guilty for not helping. I know I can’t help with everything though and everyone needs a break sometime. Plus, I’ll still have my Jr. Church class every Sunday. I couldn’t give that up!

My Mom is coming down for the Beth Moore weekend next week. She booked us a hotel downtown. So it’ll just be girl time! Mom, Sis, and Me! I’m really looking forward to it! I hope we take tons of silly pictures and have hours of talking. I've never seen Beth Moore live so I can't wait!

Due to our crystal clear channels now, we were able to record The Office last night and watch it after our Home Team left. I love that show and it is sooooo nice to not have to watch it on our computer with it stopping every 30 seconds. Yeah!
Well, that's it! I have officially emptied my brain of all thoughts. I hope you all have a great weekend!

In Your Face

It was Pie In Your Face Night in Awana on Wednesday. I love this part of the year. The kids get so excited when they finish their book and get to pick any of the leaders to throw a pie in their face. The totally deserve it! It's a lot of hard work and I'm so proud of all of them for finishing! I ended up getting eight pies in my face! Wow! I really wasn't expecting that many! At the end everyone else was done and I had three girls waiting in line to cream me. Well someone said, 'Do it all at once!' Thinking that that would help me, get it done quick. NOT THE CASE! They each had to find room to pie me. One got me on my side, right in the ear and down the neck! The other got me on the face and up into the hair, and the other got me on my other side right in my ponytail and ear. NICE!
Here are some pictures of the wild, messy night!